Shade Tour – 3 shaded veggie patches in Parkerville

Get your veggie patch ready for Summer! Our Down to Earth shade tour visits 3 properties in the Parky area to see different versions of erecting shading for your garden. Minimise evaporation, maximise water efficiency (with dripline irrigation, mulch). We’ll share details of where we’ve found the best shadecloth deals as well as checking out irrigation options.
We’ll finish the tour at Ralph & Lynne’s with time for our usual morning tea, so please bring something to share.

Donation for tea & coffee

Food that’s fresh as …

Well, we had our first fresh Food Share in the park @ Glen Forrest this morning. It was a great start with lots of interesting herbs, veggies, fruit, plants etc to share. We started around 9.45a and it was all done by 10.30a. It doesn’t take up your whole morning, still with plenty of time for chatting! Thankyou to Lizzy & Jonny for keeping the flame alive for this great sharing event.

food share 1

food share 2

food share 4

Retrofitting with Voluntary Simplicity Group


Want to spend a couple of hours sharing ideas on how to save water and energy in your home?

Of course you do!

When: Saturday 14th November from 3 till 5 (come at 2.30 and have a cuppa first if you like).

Where: Mahogany Creek (address on registration).

Why: Because it’s great to share ideas with like-minded folk, learn how to save some money AND help the planet all at the same time!

Who: Ken and Selene will share some of their research and personal experiences, then we’ll all have an opportunity to share ideas.


or 0428 730 530 so we know how many seats to put out.

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