Our June Meetup Movie “Voices of Transition”

WED, JUNE 17,  6.45pm for cuppa & help set up – movie at 7.30pm
The Connection Centre,
1470 Stoneville Rd, Mundaring

A film which is optimistic but clear-sighted. It makes clear that these current and impending crises are, in fact, positive challenges! Voices of Transition is an inspiring, award-winning movie about how to achieve a better (food) system. The film showcases community-led action in Cuba, innovative farming methods in France and the powerful Transition movement in the UK.

Voices of Transition


The Power of Just Doing Stuff

A very short (and sweet) explanation of why people feel they need to make changes, and how Transition type activities can help that process. “Stuff” is always better done with other people! There’s a shared sense of adventure, discovery (support) and determination to keep going and make things better. Your ideas for better stuff are welcome too!

Meeting the Wasteless Pantry Team @ Our May Event

The focus of our May event was: reducing waste and sharing our ideas in community (with soup and sewing thrown in for good measure). HUGE Thankyou to all the people who lent a hand, brought sewing machines and generally helped make the night hum along. That’s Transition in action.

It was great to meet the inspiring team from The Wasteless Pantry on Tuesday 19. What Amanda and Jeannie shared with us is definitely the type of local enterprise we want to support at MiT. Especially when they are going the extra distance and considering all sustainability aspects of their products. Reduced/no packaging, food miles (?), ethically produced etc, etc. You can read all about it – and get heaps of tips – on their fabulous website: http://www.wastelesspantry.com.au/  OPENING June 1st wasteless event sustainable

Frackman The Movie – more seats released for screening in Midland 24 May 6.30pm

Dayne Pratzky loved the quiet life on his rural block in central Queensland. Then the coal seam gas company arrived, and that changed everything. Legally he couldn’t stop them mining his land, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t fight. And so began a David and Goliath battle against a $200 Billion industry. Along the way he found love, tragedy and triumph.

Frackman is like no other Australian film. It aims to spark a broad national conversation about the risks of our headlong rush into massive coal seam gas development.


Successful Bike Repair Workshop!

Thanks to David Silk from the Bicycle Freedom group, our very first Bike Repair Workshop in April was a great success. Huge appreciation also to Leigh Barker from BikeForce Midland – who lives locally – for coming out early on a rainy Sunday morning, and for keeping  hands-on and simple. Hope we can do it again another time.

bike repair

Movie Night at Kookaburra Outdoor Cinema

Syphony of the Soil copy

Please come and support our bold venture to get Earth healing issues onto the big screen and out to a wider audience. In the unique bush setting of the Kookaburra, a locally owned and run outdoor cinema.

It is our contribution to the UN International Year of the Soils. A lyrically beautiful exploration of the the fragile nature of the soil; how it has been taken for granted, abused and ‘treated like dirt’. But it also has the potential to help sequester vast amounts of carbon to help with our most pressing environmental problems. There are some great things going on in the world of soil science. Hopeful, inspiring things.

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