Voluntary Simplicity

Voluntary Simplicity 3pmContact Selene:   selene15@dodo.com.au

exploring simplicity in a complex world

The voluntary simplicity group meets on the second Saturday on each month. We discuss issues related to living simpler (although perhaps not easier!) lives. The topics are largely dictated by the interests of the group but we like to explore practical outcomes and ways in which we change the way we live to be fairer, more ethical, healthier and with a smaller footprint.

Meets 2nd Saturday of each month

2.30pm   for cuppa
3.00pm   talk begins


  • Hi

    I’m visiting family in Perth and would like to join in on your Voluntary Simplicity group on 13th December, as I’m looking to start up a similar group in the Cairns region.

    Is this possible?

    Kind regards

    • Hello Amanda, great to hear from you. You are very welcome to join us in December. We meet on the second Saturday of the month, so it will be the 12th December. Please can you email me at selene15@dodo.com.au and I will add you to our email list.
      Looking forward to meeting you, Selene 🙂