Renewable Energy

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We learn and share knowledge on renewable energy issues and opportunities, both within the group and with the wider community. We actively support and encourage the uptake of renewable energy locally and nationally

We meet regularly to plan events and discuss projects aimed at increasing local uptake and knowledge of these issues.



  • encourage and support our local community to transition to a low energy future
  • provide strategies for reducing energy use
  • encourage the uptake of renewable energy and distributed local electricity generation
  • facilitate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy
  • provide information and learning opportunities for the local community around energy efficiency, renewable energy, peak oil and resource constraints and fossil fuel divestment
  • encourage and provide opportunities for local investment in renewable energy



 A partnership between Rise (a local community organisation) and MiT to install a 6.5 Kw solar photo voltaic system on Rise owned facility – ‘Andrews Place’ in Parkerville – that houses 12 people with disabilities. This will deliver a significant reduction in energy consumed from the grid.  We will be mounting a campaign to raise $10,000 from the local community to enable the system to be installed on the building which will then be donated to Rise.

We will arrange and pay for an energy audit  to further reduce energy consumption at Andrew’s Place.

Rise will mount a second system on their office building in Middle Swan that equals or exceeds the capacity of the system donated by within 15 months of the original system on ‘Andrew’s Place’ being installed given that the donated system reaches the  energy production figures forecast over the first 12 month period.

Other projects under consideration are bulk buying of solar panels, further education on renewable energy in the community and advocacy in the community for renewable energy.



In November we held an energy forum in the Hub in Mundaring. To see the highlights of this event visit:



 We welcome enquiries from anyone interested in joining our group.

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