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Down to Earth Group

Down to Earth is about sharing skills involved with food production. Hands on, home grown and homemade food that is!  As part of Mundaring in Transition we’re definitely interested in sharing and promoting all aspects of growing, preparation and preservation that are SUSTAINABLE. So that means we promote organic growing, food that’s less processed, raised ethically and as locally as possible to cut wasteful food miles. We promote seed saving and have informal meetups to share growing and food demonstrations.

Vegie Plot Visits
To help people get their vegie gardens producing we’ll visit your patch to look at your specific situation and advise. We have some experienced growers familiar with local conditions who can assess the lie of the land and soil capacity and suggest the best crops to plant. We also have gathered a small band of helpers (mostly recipients of previous DtE visits) who are willing to learn by volunteering light labour in other people’s vegie patches. We want people to have success with their growing and figure that local knowledge and help will go a long way towards this.

Hills Food Share
Got a glut of oranges, or zucchini coming out your ears? Then join us to share your excess garden produce, seeds, seedlings, cuttings, plants, gardening magazines, handmade soaps etc.
Everyone welcome. Bring things to share, take what you can use. No money, just sharing.
Come and meet some locals, share stories, find out what others are growing at the moment and get some tips on how to make your fruit and vegetables happy.
Garden looking a bit bare? Then bring along something for morning tea, or just bring your smile!
Held 3rd Sunday of every month, 9-10am at

MJ Morgan Reserve (Train Park),
Railway Tce, Glen Forrest.

Seed Saving

Seed saving heritage varieties

Recently formed, we have informal meetings sharing seed saving skills and mostly seasonal meetups to share our home grown seeds. These will inevitably be integrated into our regular gatherings or garden visits. It’s an evolving process!

Food Demonstrations
So far, we have had two successful Basic Fermentation workshops that were pretty well sold out. More demos are being planned on home cheese making, raw food recipes and more. We’re a very busy bunch trying to cover lots of territory at the moment, but proceeding slowly. So keep posted by signing up to our newsletter on the home page.

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  • Hi I would love to be apart of this group.We have been up hear a year now and would like to connect with the community.