“Your Final Footprint” – summary


A brief summary of the August presentation to the Voluntary Simplicity group by Joy Thom

What is the most climate friendly way to dispose of our body once we have done with it? The evidence is not clear. Cremation uses a lot of energy since the temperature needs to remain high for a considerable time to ensure that the bones turn to ash. Also there are direct emissions from the burning during the process. On the other hand burial can involve expensive metal lined, high quality wood coffins, expensive headstones and on-going maintenance of the burial ground.
Two other body disposal techniques are available in other countries:

Promession – dissolving with liquid nitrogen and

Aquamation – dissolving in alkaline water. 

Both leave a non toxic substance suitable for the garden. Unfortunately they are not available in Perth.
In WA the best option currently available is natural burial. There are areas set aside at both Fremantle and Pinnaroo for this. For a natural burial the coffin must be made of an easily decomposable fibre such as  bamboo or banana skins.  There must be no metal in the coffin. Headstones are not allowed although there is a wall for remembrance plaques.  Flowers are not allowed.
For some options see:

Thank You to our Quiz Night Sponsors

Sponsor board

So much goes into organising an event like our recent, fabulously successful joint one with HSG. There are lots of thank you’s. Larraine, from HSG expresses it pretty well:

“Perhaps with saying thank you to:

  • Everyone who attended – it would not have been possible without you!
  • The generous sponsors for their donations for the raffle and the prizes.
  • For everyone who donated items for the silent auction and spot auction.
  • The helpers on the night.
  • The Flight Crew.
  • The Flight Captain/Quiz Master.

The Hub was alive with the 145 enthusiastic and competitive quizzlings.

There were ‘though provoking’ questions on Energy, Environment, Local History, Recycling, Waste, Sustainable Food Production, Green Design and Climate change.

The fun games of heads and tails and the Bonus Points activities of the Word Sleuth, the Abbreviations and Acronyms (with some interesting answers) and the Scavenger Hunt provided everyone with an opportunity to participate.

Even if people were not winners, they could bid for a bargain for items in the silent auction or spot auctions.

Everyone was able to take home a plant and a Wildflower book if they wished.

The ‘Sustainable’ Quiz Night was not the first in the world, but the first of its kind in the Hills, possibly WA, or even Australia!!

Still places on the Talking Trash bus tour!

Red Hill Waste Tour

Date: Mon 10 August
12.30pm  Mundaring bus pickup
1pm        Tour starts at Red Hill
2.30p       Bus drop-off back in Mundaring

Come on a FREE behind-the-scenes look with us to see how our local waste is managed at Red Hill. We’ll get to see areas not open to the general public to observe waste diversion programs, the Landfill Gas & Power Station site, the tip face and greenwaste recovery. Join us to see where “away” is, when stuff gets chucked. It’s a huge, growing problem that we all need to be aware of. Are you up for it?
Contact us for details of pickup location if you’d like to get on board this FREE TOUR:  transition@mt.org.au

Special FREE screening this Saturday

FREE screening of ‘Where Do Eagles Dare?’ THIS SATURDAY night!

Following on from his very popular presentation to our group on July 22, Simon Cherriman has arranged this FREE screening of his film ‘Where Do Eagles Dare?’ Expect an evening of entertaining eagle science.
Simon says:   “Free entry – just turn up. Bring friends! Donations before or after the film are welcomed! Signed DVDs available on the night ($35 each), plus exclusive question time about how the film was made, and much more!”

FREE screening this Saturday

Your Final Footprint … environmental costs of funerals

eco funerals


Is it possible to have funerals that don’t cost the Earth?
The Voluntary Simplicity group will be exploring the environmental footprints of funerals. Joy has done lots of research (such as the really informative blog above) and will share what she’s “unearthed” to stimulate discussion, which is usually very lively!
What are the options? 

Please contact Selene for details:   selene15@dodo.com.au

Sat 8th August
2.30pm   for cuppa
3.00pm   talk begins

Standing up (& digging deep) for sustainability

Our Quiz Night was a stand-out success!

Thanks to everyone who came and participated so generously and enthusiastically at our very first MiT/HSG quiz night. What a great bunch of people we have in the hills!! 🙂 The more we do together, the more we work towards a more sustainable and resilient community. Great to be part of this amazing time in this incredible place we call The Hills!!heads and tails at quiz night

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