Making change happen

These bags are taking off! We’re ready to help take it to the next level and help YOU initiate some bagmaking. We’re happy to help with volunteers and advice to get you started. Get your resources together. Get your kids helping during the holidays.
Can’t spare the time, but love to contribute? Consider a small donation.
Lots of ways to get involved.

Do we really need ANOTHER fast food outlet?

Many of us at MiT are not big fans of the multi-national fast food concept, especially when our town already seems to have a plethora of them and another about to appear in Sawyers! So we put together a petition to see who else felt that way. Then, when people said “Don’t bother, the Shire won’t take that into consideration” we decided to write a formal group submission of objection to represent all the people who needed their opinions voiced. Today we submitted it at the Shire of Mundaring just before the deadline. Building the community we want takes time & commitment, but we’re up for it. Thanks for your support.

Boomerang Bag Sewing Bee

Boomerang Bags (to borrow & bring back) are already starting to be distributed to Hills Fresh & Woolworths in Mundaring. We need lots more to replenish the supply. Come along & help this great community waste reduction initiative.

Hilltop Grove Community Centre in Mundaring are kindly hosting the next Boomerang Bag making sewing bee on Tue 28 Feb from 11am onwards. Bring your machine or overlocker if you have one (it may not be needed, depending on how many turn up). There are plenty of other jobs to do as well, so sewing skills are optional. Bring a plate for a shared light lunch. Coffee is on us.

Can’t come but would love to be part of it? Contact us about taking some pocket logos to make up Boomerang Bags at home or with your community group. We’ll supply the instructions too.

Pre-Election Forum in Mundaring

Want to know what your State Government candidates think about important issues within the Shire of Mundaring? Here’s your opportunity to find out!

Candidates from Swan Hills, Darling Range and Kalamunda electorates, plus several guest speakers will be participating in a public pre-election forum and Q & A session at the Shire of Mundaring Civic Centre on Wednesday 22nd February.

The event will be hosted by Peter Holland.

A light supper will be provided, and you can chat more informally with the panel during this time.


This free public event promises to be very popular!

Hills Food Share Sunday 19 Feb

**It’s finally the time of year for abundant crops of strawberries, mulberries, apricots, cherries, blueberries, nectarines and many other yummy things!
If you have a laden tree, or know someone that does, and need a hand picking some fruit to bring down on Sunday then let us know and we’ll try and send someone to help out!**

Join us to share your excess garden produce, seeds, seedlings, cuttings, plants, gardening magazines etc.
Bring things to share, take what you can use.
No money, just sharing.

Don’t have anything to share? Then bring along something for morning tea, or just bring your smile!

Bag makers at work

Not everybody was deterred by the heavy rains on Thursday. We still had a great group  cutting out, sewing, ironing bags and stamping logos. The collection of Boomerang Bags will soon be appearing in local stores as a “borrow & bring back” alternative to single-use plastic shopping bags. Look for them at Woolworths, Hills Fresh and The Wasteless Pantry. Stay tuned for more bag making opportunities soon. Or if you just can’t wait, call in to the Wasteless Pantry to get some pocket logos – or even some cut out kits – to take home and get crafting.

Bag Making Workshop

Most people understand by now that plastic = bad for the natural environment.

Refusing to use plastic bags is a simple and effective way we can each reduce their negative impacts. Boomerang Bags is a collaborative local project providing free “borrow & bring back”, re-usable bags made from donated materials by volunteers in our community. The availability of these alternatives reduces the reliance on local businesses to supply plastic bags to all customers and encourages a habit of re-use among the local community.

Ways to get involved:

  • Bag Making Workshop
    Thurs 9 Feb, 12.30p
    Mundaring Wellness Centre,
    16 Craig St, Mundaring
  • Donate some recycled material or sewing thread
  • Make some at home (ask us for templates, etc)
  • Have a sewing bee with your group, or friends. (ask us for templates, etc)
  • Spread the word about Boomerang Bags

Coming soon to Woolworths Supermarket, Hills Fresh & The Wasteless Pantry.

This Boomerang Bags national initiative has been started locally by The Wasteless Pantry and Mundaring in Transition, but we’d love other groups to be involved, please get in touch.

Another food waste solution

We’re passionate about avoiding food waste, which is partly why the 3rd Sunday of the month Food Share was started. Some people have suggested there may be owners of fruit trees (or other edibles) out there who have more than they can cope with. Happy to say we can help out. We’ve assembled a bunch of volunteers who are willing to help harvest and share the crop.

Please spread the word if you know anyone who needs help.

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